About The Oblivion Agenda
  • Non-Earth entities have claimed Earth for themselves and are working to terraform the planet to eliminate humans and prepare it for a post-human era.
  • Some of Earth's globalists are cooperating with the non-Earth entities to accomplish this.
  • Some knowingly, some unwittingly.

For more information, please contact us at info@oblivionagenda.com

About Mike Adams

Excellent presentation this evening at Branson! At any rate, thank you for consistently excellent information & having the courage to continue to stay the course in what you do. Excellent way to wrap up day #1 of the conference here.

-Laura S.

Watching you on video on demand at the true legends conference. Brilliant presentation, thank you for your courage in exposing the darkness in this world. God Bless you brother.

-Chuck O.

I have "followed" your work for years and in my humble opinion, NOTHING you have ever published on Alex Jones or your various websites compares to your presentation at the Gen Six conference in Branson. I purchased the live stream and am now watching your presentation again on the VOD. I may need to see it 3 or 4 times -- and share it too with friends who may come to my home.THANK YOU for all you do, for your products, science, websites ... EVERYTHING. May God continue to shower blessings upon you, keep you safe and keep you working to help all of us.

-Joan F.

Mike, your presentation at Branson was SUPERB !!! You stole the show. KUDOS and God's blessings to you and yours.


It was such a pleasure to be part of the audience at Branson a few week ends ago. My husband and I especially enjoyed your presentation. The devil is definitely in All the details! We got clarity on the situation in the world today and that there is a conscientious plan to not only destroy our beautiful planet but mankind as well. I personally had many ideas resolved from being there that week end. Thank you for participating.

-J & C